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Media Composer is a powerful video editing tool, and allows you to work with movies both in high and low resolution, and drag and drop items into the timeline.

The program supports all kinds of video formats, and can basically work with any file that can be played in Quick Time. You can also import AVCHD files from a camera or other device, and add them to the timeline easily. You can even import MFX files compatible with SMPTE-436M that contain additional data and embed them in the video stream.

Media Composer supports video editing in SD and HD, exporting time code and video metadata, transferring media and metadata to Interplay, converting flat registries into files, managing and recording metadata, working with stereoscopic, DPX and other file formats, and creating objects for interactive programming

Media Composer is the most comprehensive and complex video editing tool out there and its features allow you to do virtually anything.

30 days trial version.

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